You have 60 minutes, from the filing of the fine, to cancel it in the parking meter using the numeric code and paying 3 €.

This option is not available in the Savina port area.


Option 1:
You have 7 days to pay the fine using the barcode at any ‘CaixaBank’ or ‘Banco Sabadell’ ATM.

Option 2:

You have 7 days to pay the fine using the lower number of the bar code on the web platform of ‘CaixaBanc’ ( or ‘Banco Sabadell’ (

Option 3:

At the ATIB office located at 9 Eivissa Street, Sant Francesc.

Information to present allegations:

You can submit allegations electronically using the website, section ‘Payment management’, and in person at the Citizen Attention Office (OAC) located at Carrer Ramon Llull, 6 de Sant Francesc .

If allegations are made against the fine, a 50% reduction in the amount of the penalty is waived.

To obtain a 50% reduction in the fine, the first 7 days must be paid through the ATMs or the websites of ‘CaixaBank’ or ‘Banco Sabadell’; or the first 20 days if payment is made to the ATIB. You can find the ordinances in force on this website, in the ‘Regulations’ section.

La Savina port area:

The sanctions in the Savina port area are being processed by the Balearic Port Authority.

Consell Insular de Formentera
Plaça de la Constitució, 1
07860 Sant Francesc Xavier
Phone: 971 32 10 87

Oficina Virtual d’Atenció al Ciutadà