How to pay a fine
To pay a fine for exceeding the time limit:
Within 60 minutes of issue, pay €3 at the parking meter (except in the port area).


Option 1:
Within 7 days of issue, pay the fine by scanning the barcode at any Caixabank ATM.

Option 2:
Within 7 days of issue, pay the fine by introducing the number below the barcode on Caixabank website.

Option 3:
At the ATIB office located at c/ Eivissa, 9 in Sant Francesc.
To contest a fine:
Fines may be contested online at Click on “Tràmits i gestions“, then “Gestió de tributs, multes i pagaments“, then “Al·legacions i recursos contra sancions de trànsit i estacionament“. Fines may be contested in person at the Oficina d’Atenció a la Ciutadania (OAC) located at c/
Ramon Llull, 6 in Sant Francesc.

To obtain a 50% reduction on fines, pay within seven days at any Caixabank or Banc Sabadell ATM, or on the Caixabank/Banc Sabadell websites. Alternately, pay within 20 days at the ATIB.
Information about current by-laws can be found in the section labelled “Normativa municipal” [Municipal regulations] of

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